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Computer game tournament not dating show

This year we have a team of Twitch steamers like last year.We have tried to keep a good variety of unique styles so all have a chance to meet their Danish twitch idol or just be part of the Danish twitch community.Taking place at the Sugden Sports Centre (M1 7HL) & the Pub Zoo next door from am each day!Just £9 per day or £16 for both days if you book NOW online.

With dozens of planned activities, the only problem you will experience is that there won’t be enough time to do everything you want to!

Over the past two years, cosplay has become a main attraction with scores of imaginative characters coming to life on stage. In fact, we're expanding the event to include better prizes and more.

We are now just four weeks from opening Copenhagen Games to all you gaming enthusiasts out there.

(Tickets also available on the door at £12 for Saturday and £10 for Sunday).

Featuring Exhibitors, Performers, TCGing, Game Tournaments, Talks, with many activities including the Cosplay Masquerade with a £100 first-prize, the Talent Show, Cosplay Auction, Big Geek Quiz, Parties & much more.

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Cheaters can't hide from our intelligent monitoring software either.

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