Dating reissued financial statements

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Be sure that your independent auditor considers possible accounting alternatives to a restatement, like a cumulative catch-up.

Settlement of the litigation after the balance sheet date but before the financial statements are issued or available to be issued is a recognized subsequent event, and the entity should adjust the estimated liability to reflect the settlement amount.

This report supplements our independent auditor’s report on the results of our audit of HUD’s principal financial statements for the fiscal years ending September 30, 20 (Restated) related to HUD’s internal controls and compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and governmentwide policy requirements and provisions of contracts and grant agreements.

We issued a disclaimer of opinion on HUD’s consolidated financial statements for fiscal years 20 (restated) due to HUD’s inability to deliver principal financial statements for the fiscal years ending September 30, 20 (Restated) and accompanying notes in a timely manner.

Primarily, HUD (1) lacked adequate controls over its financial reporting preparation process, (2) inadequately accounted for assets and liabilities in accordance with GAAP, (3) delayed completion of significant reconciliations, (4) did not account for the Office of Community Planning and Development’s formula grant programs’ commitments and disbursements in accordance with GAAP, and (5) lacked adequate financial management systems to ensure accurate and reliable financial reporting.

These conditions were caused by (1) inadequate monitoring and rushed implementation of the New Core Project and the transition to a Federal shared service provider, (2) poor internal controls and oversight of Ginnie Mae’s financial reporting, and (3) continued weaknesses in HUD’s financial management governance structure.

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