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Today I recive my Ants Xiaoyi Smart Camera and a first question was "How to connect it to my existing cctv system? Ants Xiaoyi Smart Camera camera outputs are standard RTSP stream, you can use VLC Player or any other software connected camera supports RTSP streaming RTSP streaming online viewing. Right now I have only one cam, but i'm think it is no any trouble to use more then one. You can only port forward one of them because they are both using port 554 even if you use different external port for other xiaoyi. Actually I am owning two of this devices and also the LED Lamp.

First of all you need to know the camera's Web URL address, such as, RTSP is the IP address of the camera port 554, the we network that corresponds to the URL address of the camera is as follows: Main stream:rtsp:// Minor stream:rtsp:// Audio stream:rtsp:// I hope this information is useful to someone in the future. I resolve this by the downgrade firmware to https:// ... dl=0 * Disconnect cam * remove flash * power on and long press reset button * power off * write to SD card "home" file from zip file * insert sd card and power on * wait around 5 min and try to connect to cam from original android soft * check firmware via android soft well does anyone know or have this file from the Russian site test-rtspfix-03anyone else interested in this hack =3320#entry44957200 apparently it works for v2.1 nevermind found it at Hello! After updating to the latest firmware the camera could not recognize the sd card? Yes you need to forward 554 port on your router if you planning to connect you cam from WAN. But on my Mi 3 W i connect my Ant Cam to tiny Cam it works without any problems. The only problem now is that there is no way you can change xiaoyi port number. Unfortunately I can´t find a information how I can save the stream (if something happens) to the NAS (Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router).

I would recommend the Stock MIUI camera for taking pics and it is the best compatible one with your device hardware.

Most of the camera apps tries to enhance the same bust result in a poor imaging than stock.

This item has not yet made its way to thewebpage of Xiaomi since this is a crowdfunded project of Xiao Yi.

The idea ofcrowd sourcing is actually more of an idea of Kickstarter which you ask peoplefrom around the world to support you on your project, and when you have raised enoughpledge, that’s the time when you can actually start mass production.

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Not sure what to do, it would have been nice if I knew before buying these This post was edited by 1618405409 at , May-08-2017 Same here.

Two cameras in Pakistan and as of today cant use both of them with same message "Can only be used in mainland china" WTH Xiaomi ! IOS never worked since day 1 for me with this message.

However, we are not able to access them from the outside.

On Android the app just does not connect to the camera, on i OS we get an "This product is only used in mainland China" error. This product is only used in mainland China" error too. It is ok for them to lose few thousand camera customers outside mainland China. They can sell a milion of those and not be bothered.

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