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Pinku Saido formed in the summer of 2015 in Lyon (France) as a three piece. ethos underlying every step (recording, artwork, silk-screening, etc...), the band has been able to grow and venture on through hard work and the help of many close friends.Experienced musicians, the trio wanted to start a new project with the goal of playing simple and melodic punk rock with hints of psychedelic sounds. Catch the band at School Bar this Tuesday as they spread the gospel of punk rock through the international language of music!But it could have been worse for 31-year-old Tony Ford of Clarksburg, who also didn’t properly report two cellphones and a Facebook account.

The clinic has been set up in the urology department of NUI Galway by Mary Rogan, a GP and psychosexual therapist.

He could have faced a maximum total of 40-100 years in prison if convicted of all those counts and a minimum of 10-25 years.

Or, Ford could have faced a maximum of 50-100 years in prison if the state had sought a two-strikes career criminal finding and a minimum of 20-25 years in that event.

Shortly after, Kaori (vocals), a Tokyo resident and former member of many bands in Japan while visiting friends in Europe dropped by the practice room and tried some vocal lines. A demo tape was recorded and a full-circle French tour was completed just nearly 6 months after their start. The geographical issue (members separated from one corner of the world to the other) has become a strength and a way to focus the band. Joining Pinku Saido this evening are all female punk rockers Free Sex Shop and Xiao Wang! Line-up: Pinku Saido: //// Sex Shop: Wang School Bar July Calendar of Shows: Css SOEOKTEIx Cg School Bar: Follow School Bar on We Chat for all the latest show info, last minute updates/secret shows, interviews, and more!

CLARKSBURG — A sex offender who broke the law when he was kicked out of the Clarksburg Mission and didn’t promptly report that he’d moved to a Winnie the Pooh tent near a city bridge is looking at an ample prison sentence.

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  1. GVCSS has operated a Home Support program under a series of service contracts with the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, and its predecessor agencies dating back to 1978.