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Gmbr sexxs

They only tested once per adult, so more “research” is necessary, but we don’t think anyone will mind.

That is, a monkey tried to have sex with a deer in southern Japan.

As seen in the footage, the male Japanese snow monkey jumped on the female deer’s back before helping himself.

Bonnefoy explained his observation: “The male mounted the deer and displayed some copulation behaviors, which included about 15 sexual movements over a period of 10 seconds, before dismounting.

An Archives of Sexual Behavior study reports that showing affection toward each other after sex, (from cuddling and touching to romantic chitchat,) was linked to more satisfying sexual relationships—and it wasn't just that more sexually satisfied couples were more likely to partake.

The researchers found that when couples started to engage in more of this loving behavior after sex over the course of the study, they had higher relationship and sexual satisfaction three months later. Make Note of Discomfort That's Normal and Discomfort That's Not Sometimes pain happens during sex.

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The two primary discomforts you might notice once in a while, Streicher says, are pain from being too dry down there and a deeper sensation that could be caused by issues including constipation, a muscle spasm or your partner hitting one of your ovaries (which is more likely if you're ovulating, as it temporarily increases the size of the ovary).

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