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Musicians song writers on line dating

TWO MEN in the local music business hope to unearth potential songwriting genius in the Lennon-Mc Cartney mould and turn their ideas into hits.John Waterman, who runs Solent Records, and musician Jamie Griffin, of Brighstone-based Flyte Studios, are inviting those with songwriting ability to send in a one-song demo CD. Lyrics and even catchy riffs will also be considered.How did a Baroque piccolo trumpet end up signalling British mundanity?A stunning thing, really, it blows my mind, so many important things happening on two sides of 7” vinyl.You crave dimension and ingenuity in your food, needing more flavors and layers.This phenomenon is similar to how we come to appreciate music.

As amazing and innovative as Strawberry Fields is, you have a direct line to Lennon’s mind and heart.Jamie, a songwriter, guitarist, and member of Kieron Cooney’s Wight Hot Pipes project, said: "There is so much talent across the Island coming through I believe they should have a chance to submit their work.We want to create a catalogue of great songs and give people with great ideas the opportunity to earn a lot of money out of it.You can almost hear his mouth forming the words, like they came from nowhere.So you’ve got that hip, revolutionary stuff and then you flip over to the really carefully planned stuff that Mc Cartney did.

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As an adolescent, I didn't understand music as anything other than something fun to sing along with.