Sequence of updating my transas ecdis

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Sequence of updating my transas ecdis

The first step is to determine the effect on your fleet, when your vessels have to be ready to comply with the new carriage requirement.

The STCW Certificates are recognised by all European Community Countries and are acknowledged and endorsed by all the flag states, including: Panama, The Bahamas, Liberia, St.

It is designated both for candidates for certifcation as ofcers in charge of a navigational watch and for experienced nautical ofcers and other persons with responsible duties in navigation work, such as pilots.

The purpose of this course is to enhance safety of navigation by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to fully utilize the features of ECDI.

It ensures that the officers are: The course takes between 30 and 60 minutes on average, and may require the seafarer to have direct access to their ECDIS to help answer some of the questions that they must all pass to receive their certificate.

The course modules are: The training modules display the actual make and model, with the aim of highlighting the key menus and functions through `interactive visual aids`, which are activated by the operator and cross checked on the ECDIS onboard.

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He will be able to:• Generate and maintain displays;• Operate all basic navigational functions;• Operate all specifc functions for route planning and route monitoring;• Use and select proper navigational data and display it in the appropriate manner;• Perform updating.

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